Pastry chef and creator of Tserki, Petros Emmanouil was born into pastry making, since he originates from a family of sweet makers. He has always had a “sweet tooth” for confectionary which led him to study “Pastry Chef – Professional Confection Production” at the Le Monde Institute. He is also a BCA College graduate with a diploma in Business Studies. After having worked for many years at a well-known patisserie in Athens, and also as a contributing writer for trade magazines for the bakery and pastry industry, he decided to broaden his business horizons to Russia. In 2014 he and his wife Violetta Mavri, decided to move back to Greece settling down at the island of Paros, where they opened their family business, Tserki.

The creative mind behind the success of Tserki is Violetta Mavri. Her artistic nature led her to study interior design, decorative arts and sculpturing at AKTO art & design College. Her portfolio showcases prestigious collaborations with architect firms that entrusted her with the decoration of many luxurious houses, hotels and restaurants. In pastry making Violetta found the way to apply her knowledge of decoration and sculpturing to the art of decorative pastry. She is also responsible for the aesthetically appealing decoration of Tserki and the design of the catering set-ups.

Tserki has established an exclusive collaboration with two of the best pastry chefs in Greece, Dimitris Chronopoulos and Sotiris Preventis, renowned and multi-award-winning pastry chefs, both in Greece and abroad.

Dimitris Chronopoulos has more than 30 years of experience in the industry. He has been awarded as best pastry chef of 2006 in Greece and has worked as a pastry chef and as a pastry chef consultant at Michelin-Starred restaurants in Greece.

Sotiris Preventis has been working in the pastry industry since 1998. His resume includes notable collaborations in the food and confectionery industry both as a pastry chef and as a consultant. Sotiris has been an invaluable member of Dimitris Chronopoulos’s team since 2016.

Dimitris Chronopoulos
Dimitris Chronopoulos
Sotiris Preventis